Since September, 2017, TEMACO piloted a new project of production of a sanitation product called EcoTeto or Ecological TEMACO Toilet, manufactured from reverse engineering and combination of basic slab toilet, Sato, and Safi technology. EcoTeto has been developed based on the National Sanitation Policy and Implementation Strategy. It is an improved, smart, and affordable latrine to be provided especially to rural area districts, targeting the low income earning households and disabled people. This product has already been provided to more than 3000 households


EcoTETO is affordable and eco-friendly latrines! It facilitate segregation, containment, emptying, and re-use of waste. Following are ECOTETO’s advantages:

  • It prevents contamination of water bodies
  • It breaks contact between humans and feces
  • It prevents feces exposure to insects and other vectors
  • It prevents unpleasant odor
  • It is well constructed, safe and, and it contains an easy-to-clean slab

EcoTeto is environment-friendly in such that it protects and conserves water because it reuses water from bathrooms. This latrine can be constructed (used) in cities, towns as well as villages and it has an added advantage of not requiring deep digs.


This latrine does not use water to move human waste to concrete rings. On the contrary, the slab is directly connected to the ring cover and it allows excreta to go straight in the pit


This type of latrine has a pipe connecting the concrete ring with the slab. This type of latrine uses water to move feces from the squirting pan to the concrete ring


Our sanitation project takes the elderly and all physically challenged people into consideration. We have designed a product called “AGATEBE” (small chair in English). This is a toilet chair which is not fixed on the toilet slab, but can be used on any type of the toilet by simply placing it on the top of the slab to facilitated a disabled person use the toilet with ease.

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