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Temaco’s tiles are mainly used for public walkways, yards and simply everywhere else you desire. Our tiles are made of concrete with natural aggregate and are available in different sizes to meet your requirement. Our choice of distinctive color and finishes will simply allow you to select the right tile for your designated environment. Temaco’s tiles are manufactured using vibro-forming technology


ITEM T-Convetion
Thichness (mm) 25mm
Section cm2 900
No.of pieces in one m2 (Nos) 11.1
Weight of one piece in Kg (min-max)
Load KN
Resistance MPA 10-20


All our products, including pavers, kerbs and tiles are available in a wide range of colours to suit any of your design requirements. Complete customisation is also possible to suit your particular project colour scheme. Please note that the exact colour of a product may vary according to chosen product and texture.


Crushed Sand (SiO2); Aggregate (SiO2) grade 4-8mm; Portland Cement 42.5 Sika 20HE; Sika paver HC2 ; SMF pouder; Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) Red, black,Brown

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