TEMACO is an innovative factory which has been manufacturing superior quality concrete products to the Rwandan construction industry since 2013. TEMACO prides itself for having and unrivalled drive to innovate and improve the quality of its products and services.

TEMACO has a dynamic team of young people (25% women), who have embraced the company’s mission to offer the best to the market. Care for and beauty of our customers’ floors, walls, and yards is all we’re here for! For the long-run, we’re here to stay! We do recognize that we still have a long way to go, but in some years to come, we aim for the front seat in the regional concrete industry


Temaco Builders always strives to create products that improve landscapes, walls, and floors while simultaneously improving the quality of lives of our customers. We never lose sight of the fact that our emotions and decision-making processes are greatly influenced by our surroundings! Our products help you to make your place a better world to be!


Temaco does not believe in business as a way of making money, but as a medium for making an impact. Making the world a better place and improving people’s live, creates wealth. This principle guides every activity we do and every process undertake. We always strive to provide products which impact the lives of our clients in a positive way

We always endeavor to think sustainably and relentlessly try to improve our processes to reduce our impact on the environment. We value recycling, and treasure sparing use of water resources. Last but not least, employee development is our priority. We invest in our people

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