We offer tiles that suit your different needs, requirements and tastes. Our tiles are mainly used for indoor/outdoor floors and walls. They are made of concrete and natural aggregates recycled grass, gypsum, construction chemicals, acids, iron oxide, etc.., and are available in different sizes, patterns and colors


Cement blocks, also known as concrete masonry unit (CMU) are mainly used as building material in the construction of walls. They are obtained as a result of mixing certain materials in certain proportions with different strengths according to the needs of the project to be performed. Concrete blocks, must go through the right production processes in order to comply with standards. We manufacture various type of blocks for the beauty and safety of your buildings

Cast Stone

Temaco caters for your needs in highly refined architectural precast concrete stones, that can be used in your architectural works, in lieu of natural stones that are hard to find/manage and are expensive


Temaco manufactures a wide range of concrete pavers with different attractive textures and colors to lift your outdoor space to the heights of beauty and add value to your buildings, while simultaneously protecting your terrain ...


In construction, cladding is used mainly for two purposes: improving the appearance of buildings, and providing some level of insulation and weather resistance. At Temaco, we provide different solutions for your home, your office or your commercial buildings ...


Kerbs are one of the concrete solutions used in road or landscape edging. The kind of edging you chose is important in order to establish the way you want your garden and landscaped area to look and what your lifestyle needs are. Kerbs help you to define your space, facilitate maintenance of your landscape, and enhance its appearance.


A concrete slab is a construction material which consists of a flat, horizontal surface made of cast concrete,typically between 100 and 500 mm thick. We have decorative slabs, to suit any size and style of garden, that you can use to totally rejuvenate/transform your area into a lovely and attractive oasis.


Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB)are innovative construction blocks made of compressed soil and often stabilized with cement or limes. They are used for foundation, load bearing walls, arches, vaults and domes, etc, and can be utilized in dry or humid areas. The strength of CEB is often better than fired bricks. We offer very good quality of these bricks at market best price


Grass block pavers, also known as turf block pavers or grow-through pavers, or permeable pavers, are pavers that guard yard your place against flood damage by allowing rainwater to infiltrate the ground. They allow grass or moss to grow through, preserving the look of a lawn, and thanks to the greenery aspect they offer, are considered to be aesthetically appealing.


This is a composite material used for flooring, base, walls, stair treads, countertops, or other construction needs. There are two main terrazzo systems: thin-Set terrazzo systems, which include epoxy resin or polyacrylate as matrix and cementitious terrazzo systems. The latter, which is the one TEMACO offers currently, include monolithic terrazzo, sand cushion terrazzo and rustic terrazzo, also known as washed terrazzo


Temaco Builders exists to raise the beauty of your places to higher levels and to protect our environment by use of best quality concrete construction materials. Temaco manufacturers paving blocks, kerbs, cement blocks, outdoor/indoor tiles, and slabs and much more. As long as we are here, we will thrive to provide concrete at its best!

Products Used

Prism Pavers

Cast Stone



TEMACO’s Team is passionate about working on concrete to deliver products which transform the world into a better place.

At Temaco Builders, we treasure your needs and requirements, uphold our standards, but do have the magic of striking the right balance between both to the best of your satisfaction. Wall and floor beauty is not a reality far from your place, destined for gigantic buildings only! We want to bring it at your doorstep!

Established in 2013, TEMACO Builders Ltd is a company incorporated in Rwanda. It specializes in the manufacturing of prefab concrete products used in modern construction. TEMACO Builders Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality products, and provide services related to installation of the products it supplies. Our services include delivery upon request

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